Mastering Room Acoustics and Sound System Design with EASE® 5
A Comprehensive Training Journey

Course overview
Mastering Room Acoustics and Sound System Design with EASE® 5: A Comprehensive Training Journey
  • On-Demand Course plus
  • Three-Day Live Online Training
  • English 🇬🇧
  • Emad El-Saghir |About Instructor
  • 35 On-Demand Hours
  • Captioned
  • Assessment
  • Certified EASE®️ User

What's Included?

Three-Day Live Online Training
On-Demand Sections
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60-Day Training EASE License
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48-Week Accessibility

About This Course

Mastering Room Acoustics and Sound Design with EASE 5: A Comprehensive Training Journey is a blend of on-demand learning and live online training, tailored for audio professionals, acousticians, and enthusiasts eager to master EASE 5, the forefront software in sound system design and room acoustics modeling. This course extends over 35 hours of detailed on-demand content, segmented into 20 comprehensive sessions, and is further enhanced by an exclusive three-day live online training event. It is an ideal program for both users transitioning from EASE 4 to EASE 5 and new users aiming to fully exploit the capabilities of this sophisticated tool.

The on-demand portion of the course provides a thorough exploration of EASE 5, beginning with acoustic simulation fundamentals, basic navigation, project management, and room modeling, and advancing towards more complex topics such as sophisticated sound system design, acoustic analysis, and specialised modules like AURA and auralization with EARS. Each session is carefully crafted to combine theoretical principles with practical application, ensuring a well-rounded learning experience.

Complementing the on-demand material, the three-day live online training offers an interactive platform for deepening your understanding. Here, you can engage directly with the instructor, participate in real-time discussions, and receive personalised guidance. This live component is designed to reinforce the online material, address specific questions, and provide hands-on experiences that are invaluable to the learning process.

On-Demand Module
The on-demand module shall be released on 19.02.2024.
The material will be accessible online for enrolled learners for 48 weeks from the date of enrolment or from the date of releasing the full course material, whichever is later.
2024 Schedule of the Live Online Training Module
24.-26.04.2024, 10.00-18.00 CEST daily
, 10.00 to 18.00 CEST daily
Our live online training sessions are an integral part of the course, offering personalised interaction and guidance. To ensure a high-quality learning environment, each session is limited to 15 learners. 
Policy of Live Online Training Module
Enrollment for the three-day live training operates on a first-come, first-served basis. Learners who register first will be automatically enrolled in the April session.
Once the limit is reached, subsequent enrollees will be placed in the August session.
We are committed to accommodating all our learners and will add more live training dates as necessary to ensure everyone has the opportunity to participate in this component of the course. 


Upon completion, the course will
  • equip learners with a thorough understanding of the functionalities, features, and enhancements of EASE 5 over its predecessor, EASE 4,
  • develop practical skills in using EASE 5 for loudspeaker system design and room acoustics modeling, ensuring learners can apply these skills in real-world scenarios,
  • teach learners to efficiently navigate the EASE 5 interface and effectively manage projects within the software, enhancing productivity and workflow,
  • provide knowledge on both basic and advanced room modeling techniques, enabling participants to create accurate and complex acoustic models,
  • train learners in conducting detailed analysis and interpreting key room acoustic and loudspeaker  system metrics, such as reverberation time, sound level capabilities and speech intelligibility,
  • offer hands-on experience with specialised modules within EASE 5, including geometric acoustics, auralization with EARS, and the Probe post-processing tool,
  • ensure a balanced integration of theoretical knowledge with practical application, allowing learners to grasp and apply the concepts learned,
  • prepare learners to confidently use EASE 5 in professional settings, whether in sound system design, acoustic consulting, or related fields, and
  • bring together all the concepts, techniques, and skills learned throughout the course, demonstrating their cohesive application in system design and room acoustics.

For Whom?

This course is intended for those, who are involved in the planning and verification of room acoustics, sound reinforcement, public address, and voice alarm systems.
Whether you're updating your skills as a seasoned professional or starting your journey in acoustic modeling and sound system design, this course is a comprehensive resource. By joining, you gain the flexibility of self-paced learning with the dynamic engagement of live instruction, all aimed at enhancing your expertise in room acoustics and loudspeaker system design using EASE 5.
It is not a prerequisite that the learners come to the course with a profound acoustic background, which would be helpful of course, but it is assumed that the learners have a reasonable level of engineering general knowledge and understand the basic definitions and terminology.

What is a

Certified EASE®️ User?

This course is certified by AFMG Technologies GmbH, which is the result of a long history of successful cooperation and mutual trust between the instructor and AFMG Technologies GmbH.

The learner's certification for this course is based on an assessment scheme, which consists of a final test project plus possibly numerous quizzes and other assignments.

If a learner finishes them successfully, the “Certified EASE®️ User” certificate will be issued by

This certification is different from the simple certificate of attendance that does not reflect, how well the course was perceived and absorbed by the learner.

However, the CEU certificate, like any other certificate, does not guarantee either that the certified person's use of EASE will be correct and reliable when the certified person uses EASE for any specific purpose/project.
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The CEU certificate represents one more important step towards better judgment and recognition of the EASE users' knowledge and skills as far as using the simulation tool is concerned.

Course Curriculum

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